Hire a Dedicated Marketing Team of 6 Experts Including CMO

Hire a Dedicated Marketing Team of 6 Experts Including CMO

A marketing subscription service to scale your business.

$ 7,500 USD
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About the service

Tired of searching and hiring marketing specialists? Was not satisfied with the results? My team and I are here to help you.

Dan Zaitsev & Co. offers a professional marketing service with a fixed monthly subscription so you can focus on your company and we meanwhile take care of your marketing. Our team of 6 senior marketing specialists including the CMO does its best to deliver top-notch quality and results.

What you will get

  • Full marketing support for one of your products. Please note if your company owns multiple products or side projects you have to order additional marketing subscriptions for each of them.
  • Monthly marketing & content plans included.
  • Management of social media feeds (Twitter, Telegram Channel, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook).
  • Connection and configuration of Google search console, Bing, and analytics tools of your choice (i.e. Google Analytics, Matomo, or Mixpanel).
  • Configuration traffic sources (i.e. utm_sources). Canvas & report based on spreadsheets is included.
  • Configuration of workflows & automation (Notion, Slack, Buffer, Posting plan, etc.)
  • 31 unique social media posts a month based on a scheduled content plan.
  • 31 extra (custom) social media posts (or announcements) a month per your request.
  • Social media & marketing branding (we provide unique design for cover images, profile pictures and posts.)
  • A hashtag strategy to improve your post performance and scale your social media networks faster.
  • A mix of top-notch static and motion design for each of your posts.
  • 4 unique blog posts (a mix of product updates, education content, and SEO content) a month.
  • 4 newsletters a month.
  • 1 SEO strategy (onsite & offsite) and monthly report.
  • 4 AMA sessions a month with your team on Telegram and/or Discord.
  • Launch on Producthunt to scale your product globally (this campaign is optional and does not guarantee 100% execution and results since it depends on the product that you own.)
  • Weekly calls with a CMO.
  • Dedicated marketing manager (coordinator) on Telegram, Slack, or Discord.
  • Weekly & monthly reports.

The list described above does not include all points that our team can handle but that is the primary minimum that you will get. My team and I are agile and we can work on different hypotheses and strategies together.

Our team agrees that the price of $7,500 /mo does not sound cheap but if you hire similar senior specialists your expenses would be around $35,000 - $50,000 a month plus recruiting fees.

Services out of the scope

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver outbound marketing activities since they require extra costs. Below, you can discover the list and points that are out of the scope of this service but you are always able to order them separately.

  • The KOL / influence marketing is out of the scope and requires an extra budget. You are able to order it separately.
  • PR coverage requires additional costs and can be archived through additional services.
  • Link building & guest blogging are not included in this subscription service but you are able to order them separately.
  • Based on this service we are not able to provide management of your communities on Telegram and Discord but we have a subscription plan that you can order separately.
  • Paid tools and software are out of the scope of this service. The customer has to purchase subscriptions on Notion, Buffer, Bitly, Slack, and other tools if necessary.

How does this service work?

  1. Become a customer by creating an account and paying for a marketing subscription service using this page.
  2. Our team reaches out to follow up and discuss a plan with you.
  3. The next step is to configure all the necessary tools and software.
  4. Using the Notion tool we create a content plan for you that you are able to approve or suggest changes.
  5. Once the plan is approved we start delivering marketing activities and results.
  6. The marketing manager (project coordinator) from our side is able to support you online using Telegram, Slack, or Discord.
  7. You are always able to analyze our results by checking reports that we create or visiting Notion to control the content plan and different marketing campaigns.
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Terms of service
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Who is Dan Zaitsev?

Dan Zaitsev is a CMO, entrepreneur, and growth hacker with Ukrainian roots currently based in the EU. Started tech journey in early 2004 as a product marketing manager; Dan also has 8+ years of working experience as a C-level player and founder, which helped him get varied experience in startups and tech companies to solve complicated problems quickly. During his journey, he helped dozens of tech companies around the globe to build and scale their profitable business from 0→1. Now, Dan and his team offer professional marketing services on a subscription-based.

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