Hire a Part-time [Interim] CMO

Hire a Part-time [Interim] CMO

I will be your part-time CMO for 40h /mo so we can push your business to a whole new level together.

$ 4,000 USD
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About the service

Do you have a marketing team but lack a Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Lead? I will personally join your company to be a part-time CMO for 40h /month.

This service works for tech companies looking for marketing strategy, execution, and results. If you have your existing marketing team or recently started your online business and plan to organize a new marketing team, Dan Zaitsev is here to help you!

What you will get

  • A part-time CMO for a 40h /month guarantee or even more.
  • Audit your existing marketing team and strategy.
  • Detailed marketing strategy and step-by-step plan.
  • Execution of marketing strategy and team management.
  • Test new marketing channels and hypotheses.
  • Posting plan and post ideas.
  • Weekly calls with a CMO.
  • The matrix structure of the marketing department.
  • Human resources management.
  • Interview and screening of new candidates.
  • Define product KPIs.
Please note that this service does not provide management of your social media accounts, blog, online messengers, writing content, etc. Dan Zaitsev & Co. offers a different service and a marketing team that will help to manage your accounts. We offer a marketing subscription service where you get marketing support from 6 senior specialists. This service works exclusively in case you have your existing marketing team or plan to organize a new one.

How does this service work?

  1. Hire me by paying using this page.
  2. Dan Zaitsev will reach out to you to discuss a plan and the next steps.
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Terms of service
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1 month
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Automatic renewals

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Who is Dan Zaitsev?

Dan Zaitsev is a CMO, entrepreneur, and growth hacker with Ukrainian roots currently based in the EU. Started tech journey in early 2004 as a product marketing manager; Dan also has 8+ years of working experience as a C-level player and founder, which helped him get varied experience in startups and tech companies to solve complicated problems quickly. During his journey, he helped dozens of tech companies around the globe to build and scale their profitable business from 0→1. Now, Dan and his team offer professional marketing services on a subscription-based.

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