Hire a Part-time [Interim] CMO: Supercharge Your Growth

Hire a Part-time [Interim] CMO: Supercharge Your Growth

Elevate your business with Dan Zaitsev. Your dedicated part-time [Interim] CMO for 40h/mo and beyond.

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About the service

Do you have a marketing team but lack a Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Head? I will personally join your company as a part-time CMO for 40h a month.

This service is designed for tech companies looking for marketing strategy, execution, and results. Whether you have an existing marketing team or are planning to organize a new one, Dan Zaitsev is here to help.

What you will get

  • A part-time CMO for 40 hours a month or more, guaranteed. Despite being part-time, I contribute my maximum to deliver the best results. If you need more hours, Dan Zaitsev & Co. is able to provide extra hours and even a full-time CMO.
  • An audit of your existing marketing team and strategy: The first and most crucial step is to review your marketing results, strategy, team performance, and discover product analytics. As a result, I can identify pain points, provide feedback and suggest improvements.
  • Definition of primary marketing methodologies (omnichannel, growth, performance, and lean marketing) that suit your business needs.
  • Development and execution of a marketing strategy: I will create a detailed marketing strategy to achieve your company's overall business goals. This includes identifying target audiences, messaging ideas and positioning, and selecting appropriate marketing channels.
  • Building brand awareness: I will provide a detailed plan and ideas for building and maintaining your company's brand, including developing the brand's visual identity, messaging, and positioning.
  • Team management: I will be responsible for managing your marketing team on a daily basis. This includes implementing management tools, performance tracking, task prioritization and management, defining OKRs, daily stand-ups, and follow-ups.
  • Testing of new marketing hypotheses: This method helps to validate new marketing channels and ideas with minimum effort, preventing optimization risks and marketing costs. I can help you design, activate and measure new hypotheses correctly.
  • Calls and follow-ups: To stay productive with founders, owners, and the entire team, I will be available on a daily basis. Despite being part-time, I and my assistants are able to stay connected with customers and provide feedback and support.
  • Designing an organization chart: A proper structure of the marketing department helps to organize and manage the process between experts more conveniently. Dan Zaitsev & Co. has strong expertise in operation management and can help you integrate organization charts as soon as possible.
  • Interviewing and screening new candidates: My expertise helps to identify suitable candidates to organize your professional marketing team.
  • Definition of product KPIs and metrics: Any product and business have to understand its KPIs and metrics; I'm here to help you design and implement these requirements to track goals and measure results correctly.
  • Providing reports and insights: Dan Zaitsev & Co. will provide regular reports on the marketing team's performance, progress towards goals, and other metrics. This allows the company to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
  • Support and training: The CMO will provide support and training to the marketing team members to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to execute marketing plans effectively.
  • Continuous improvement: Dan Zaitsev & Co. will continuously review and improve the marketing strategy, tactics, and execution to ensure the company is achieving its goals and maximizing ROI.
  • Additional resources: If necessary, Dan Zaitsev & Co. can provide additional resources such as copywriters, designers, developers, and other specialists to support the marketing team's efforts.
  • Flexible engagement model: The engagement model can be customized based on the company's needs, whether it's a short-term project or a long-term partnership. Dan Zaitsev & Co. is committed to providing the best value for the company's investment.
  • Confidentiality: Dan Zaitsev & Co. understands the importance of confidentiality in the business world and will ensure all information shared is kept confidential.
  • Results-driven: The focus of this service is on delivering results for the company, whether it's increased revenue, customer acquisition, or brand awareness. Dan Zaitsev & Co. is committed to achieving these results and will work tirelessly to make it happen.
Please keep mind that this service does not include the direct management of your social media accounts, blog, online messengers, or content writing. However, Dan Zaitsev & Co. offers a separate service with a marketing team that can help manage your accounts. Our marketing subscription service provides marketing support from six senior specialists and is designed for companies with an existing marketing team or those planning to organize a new one.

How does this service work?

  1. Feel free to book a free call so we can discuss your situation and see if I can help you.
  2. You are able to hire me by paying via Stripe using this page.
  3. I will contact you to discuss a plan for the next steps and start delivering.
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Who is Dan Zaitsev?

Dan Zaitsev is a CMO, entrepreneur, and growth hacker with Ukrainian roots currently based in the EU. He began his tech journey in early 2004 as a product marketing manager. With over 8 years of experience as a C-level player and founder, Dan has gained extensive experience in startups and tech companies, allowing him to quickly solve complicated problems. During his journey, he has helped dozens of tech companies around the globe build and scale their profitable business from 0→1. Today, Dan and his team offer professional marketing services on a subscription basis.

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