Hire 2 Moderators & Team Lead to Manage Your Communities

Hire 2 Moderators & Team Lead to Manage Your Communities

Professional community management service.

$ 3,500 USD
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About the service

Online communities are a crucial part of any startup. They help founders validate product-market fit, communicate with the target audience, activate the word-of-mouth effect, and scale the product to a whole new level.

Our team offers professional management service of online communities based on Telegram and Discord servers. We know how to administrate communities from different perspectives. This service may help if you already have an active community and want to improve it to achieve new results. Simultaneously, it works in case you need to activate and scale a new one.

What you will get

  • A community strategy with milestones and straightforward steps on how to achieve them.
  • CMO's complete engagement and execution of the community strategy.
  • Posting and cross-sharing all your news and updates.
  • Professional setup of your Telegram group and Discord server from A to Z.
  • Configuring chatbots, commands, auto-replies, and filters.
  • A community team lead and two moderators.
  • 24/7 online support of your communities by our two English-speaking moderators.
  • A part-time English-speaking community team lead to manage moderators and community strategy.
  • Reacting in time and answering all questions of members.
  • Planning and performing quizzes, polls, contests, etc.
  • Filtering messages, deleting spam, and blocking users.
  • Searching for guests to perform AMA sessions inside the Telegram group and Discord server.
  • 4 AMA monthly sessions with your team on Telegram and Discord.
  • Weekly & monthly reports.
  • A dedicated marketing manager (coordinator) on Telegram, Slack, or Discord to follow up with your team.
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Terms of service
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1 month
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Automatic renewals

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