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Web3 Marketplace

Project Overview

An early-stage marketplace that operates thousands of developers and  NFT assets was looking for a growth hacking strategy to optimize marketing costs.

The company lacked marketing specialists, proper marketing strategy, and execution. Some of the marketing channels were not tested and activated at all.

The client contacted Dan Zaitsev & Co. a bit too late when the company caused difficulties with marketing budgets and a lack of traction. Despite that, Dan Zaitsev suggested using growth hacking and lean marketing methodologies to test and validate new hypotheses.


Dan Zaitsev and his team started by researching the product's domain, use cases, target audience, and portraits of customers and users. Once all data was examined, the growth hacking and lean marketing strategy were designed.

One of the main priorities was fixing the gaps in processes and human resources inside the marketing department. Dan Zaitsev & Co. allocated a marketing team of 3 people. Tools such as Notion, Slack, Google Drive + Gmail + Calendar helped to organize a proper task management system and workflows.

Next, the most crucial step was integrating and configuring analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Yandex Metrika to measure marketing campaigns and results appropriately.

Once the preparation phase finished, Dan and his team started reactivating and scaling the following marketing channels:

  • SMM management
  • Content management
  • Email marketing
  • SEO strategy
  • Community management

In close partnership with the dev team, validating new products, features, and marketing hypotheses were necessary. In this case, Dan suggested using a whitelist strategy and developing landing pages to drive traffic as well as collect leads.

Then, it was necessary to scale communities and social media accounts. In this case, the team started using KOL marketing and content distribution.

The customer was looking for the ability to track the marketing progress and receive regular updates. A report marketing system that contained various metrics such as DAU, MAU, growth rate, MoM, YoY, ROI, and LTV helped to solve this case.

Guerilla marketing techniques helped the team to get additional traction with lower marketing costs.


This partnership was valid for six months. The company and its product reached the following marketing results:

  • Achieved #2 product of the day on Producthunt
  • Collected 1,670 users through the whitelist techniques
  • Partnered with 5 promising Web3 startups
  • Tested different marketing funnels through A/B testing
  • Tested various monetization methods to define the best business model