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September 2018

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Metaverse Startup

Project Overview

A startup operating in the Metaverse domain that allows creators to build their own AR/VR experiences recently launched its MVP and was looking for a marketing team and execution strategy.

Since the company recently launched its product, it was necessary to validate product market fit, test various features and collect early adopters. Besides, the company was in a seed phase, so owners had requirements to minimize marketing costs.

The client reached out to Dan Zaitsev & Co. with a request to execute all missed marketing efforts. After a few in-person meetings, the client fully approved offered strategy.


Since the company was checking the product-market fit, it was necessary to design a value proposition. The execution started with audits of a product domain, use cases, and designing a marketing strategy.

Content marketing and copywriting have been required to create the first messages and presentations. Dan Zaitsev & Co. allocated additional copywriters to deliver polished native English content on a regular basis.

The next step was to create requirements for a website to attract early adopters and test PMF (product market fit). In close partnership with the dev team, Dan Zaitsev & Co. released landing pages and clusters to drive and convert leads correctly.

The team knew how important to measure marketing activities. As a result, the next step was to configure analytics tools and metrics. Dan Zaitsev & Co. selected their preferred analytics stack, like Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Google Google Search Console. Also, the team has chosen HotJar as a tool to discover user/customer journeys and heatmaps.

On-site and off-site SEO techniques helped teams to get their first organic traction. Using a growth hacking methodology, the team achieved significant traction in a short time frame and with minimum marketing cost.

Dan Zaitsev & Co. and his team were also responsible for organizing and participating in offline events. The team was responsible for the execution of all related tasks, such as printing merch, booking flights and rooms, talking to organizers, and searching for leads.

Social media marketing was part of the strategy but not a priority. Regardless, it helped to build brand awareness and grow branded keywords.

The team also worked on a polished visual marketing design for social media, presentations, email, and b2b marketing.

Moreover, the team has tested and scaled paid acquisition strategy. Dan Zaitsev & Co. achieved significant results with minimum marketing expenses by validating different geolocations, target audiences, and value propositions. As a result, this marketing channel has become one of the most profitable ways to acquire leads.


Dan Zaitsev was balancing between limited marketing budgets and activating marketing strategies. Per investors' requests, achieving results and proof that the startup could generate cash flow was necessary. As a result, the team achieved the following results:

  • Designed and unclocked 2 revenue streams: subscription-based and white-label models.
  • Hacked several marketing channels to drive traffic and convert them into leads.
  • Tested and activated performance marketing strategy.
  • Validated a few marketing hypotheses.
  • Scaled MAU up to 6 times.
  • Reached 14,500 active leads in less than 1 year.