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Dating Application

Project Overview

A venture company operating in the dating domain was looking for new ways to improve its marketing strategy for mobile applications. Although the company had traction and revenue, it had a mission to enhance its existing products and scale new ones.

The customer contacted Dan Zaitsev to review the current marketing strategy, gaps in user acquisition methods, and analytics. Also, the company wanted to test new marketing hypotheses and see a clear plan for their implementation.

A trial period has been signed for three months, but after delivering the first significant results, it has been prolonged for an additional year.


Dan Zaitsev & Co. started its audit with analytics of existing results and different metrics, such as CAC, CPreg, CPC, etc. The team has found problems in tracking and analytics of downloads, payments, and customer experience.

As a result, it was necessary to fix analytics and tracking before the team started scaling marketing activity and testing new hypotheses. First, Dan Zaitsev provided requirements regarding how the new tracking system should be integrated and what to measure. Then, in a close partnership with the dev team, Dan started integrating a few tools to track users and leads appropriately.

Since the company operates iOS mobile apps, default tools like Google Analytics could not provide the required results. The team has decided to build a custom admin panel that correctly tracks CAC from different traffic sources. Once new analytics was configured, the team started working on the general marketing strategy.

Part of the strategy was to validate new traffic sources to optimize CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). The team started testing PPC, referral, and remarketing strategies. The first results become visible just in one week. As a result, the customer decided to push these channels even harder and increase marketing budgets.

Moreover, the customer wanted to scale the ASO strategy for iOS apps. Dan Zaitsev & Co. researched a niche, competitors, and keywords. The next part was executing the ASO strategy. Through A/B testing, the team was updating information on the AppStore to get maximum organic growth.

Last but not least, Dan Zaitsev executed from A to Z retention strategy through various methods, like PUSH notifications and email marketing. As a result, it significantly helped to increase the conversion rate of free users into paid leads and keep users active on mobile apps.


Together with Dan Zaitsev & Co., this company achieved the following results:

  • Raised annual revenue from $120k to $1.8M for iPhone apps
  • Scaled MAU up to 6 times
  • Increased retention rate by 48%
  • Boosted organic traffic by 75% through ASO and localization tactics
  • Reduced CAC by pivoting new strategies and hypotheses