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Custodial Wallet

Project Overview

An industry-leading web and mobile custodial wallet offers holding and exchanging cryptocurrency and digital assets for its clients. The company was looking for marketing solutions to push its products to a whole new level. It needed to review existing marketing strategy gaps, develop new hypotheses, and start scaling marketing channels.

Dan Zaitsev & Co. offered subscription-based marketing services. After several online meetings, the company invited Dan Zaitsev and his team to manage marketing strategy in a close partnership with its existing team.


The first step in Dan Zaitsev's subscription marketing service was to get to know product use cases, audit the target audience, and review existing results. In less than a week, Dan and his team provided an audit and developed a new marketing plan.

Although the company already had a marketing department, Dan clearly showed gaps and started fixing them.

The following marketing channels have been thoroughly reviewed and started managing by Dan Zaitsev & Co.:

  • SMM management (Twitter, Telegram Channel, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Content management
  • Email marketing
  • SEO strategy
  • Community management

A part of the strategy was to fix and improve brand identity for SMM, email marketing, and other channels

In addition, it was necessary to fix analytics and reports, so Dan Zaitsev & Co. integrated and configured Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager tools.

The customer was able to get weekly reports and regular follow-ups to track the results of this partnership.

Once the existing marketing team trained enough and could take over and manage marketing channels by itself, Dan Zaitsev & Co. transferred access to all tools and provided assets (i.e., visuals, content, etc.). Here's where the partnership stopped. As a result of this partnership, the company acquired significant revisions in terms of marketing, achieved new goals, and its team started using an improved marketing strategy.


Just in 4 months of partnership, the company and its products were able to reach the following results:

  • Optimized CPreg up to 40%
  • 183% CTR increase
  • 52% increase in social media mentions
  • Optimized marketing expenses to 35%