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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Project Overview

A company specializing in the tokenization of real estate was on its way to building and launching its exchange platform & marketplace module. Such teams as c-level, development, design, and QA were successfully organized, but the company lacked a marketing strategy. The founder reached out to Dan Zaitsev regarding marketing strategy, its execution, and support.


Dan Zaitsev started this partnership by learning product use cases and syncing with the core team. After the audit has been finished, a general marketing strategy has been created and presented. That strategy contained information about marketing channels that should be activated, human resources, marketing department structure, and much more. Part of the strategy was using omnichannel marketing to achieve maximum expansion.

Since the customer recently launched his company, it was necessary to fill gaps with human resources inside the marketing department. As a result, was allocated new marketing specialists to activate and handle new marketing channels.

The proper management of tasks, priorities, and deadlines was required. Dan Zaitsev & Co. handled this case by organizing appropriate task and communication systems through Jira + Google Drive and Docs + Google Calendar + Slack + Miro. The customer required full transparency and maximum team performance, so KPIs and automated reports have been integrated.

In parallel, the team has been executing various marketing strategies, like social media management, SEO, community & content management, etc.

The company asked to validate its product market fit, get feedback and collect early adopters. As a result, Dan and his team fully organized and executed the pre-launch phase.

Analytics tools and sales funnels were required to track marketing results and convert users properly. Such tools as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Hotjar and their configuration helped to measure the results of each marketing channel and campaign.  

Dan Zaitsev & Co. delivered various methods to build, scale and measure online communities. Using a 24/7 shift schedule and automation tools, the team achieved a response rate of less than 5 min. As previously mentioned, community management of Telegram and Discord was a part of this general marketing strategy.

SEO and content strategies were a priority to achieve organic growth. The first step was to audit competition and keywords to implement a content plan. In close partnership, marketing and dev teams created clusters and landing pages and managed both on-site and off-site SEO techniques. Also, together they released localization for the entire website.


Collected more than 1,550+ early adopters in the pre launch phase

25% monthly growth rate of organic traffic achieved through SEO techniques

Scaled online communities up to 6,600 members

Optimized CAC in 65% through testing different marketing hypotheses

#2 Product of the day on Producthunt