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October 2022

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Omnichannel Marketing
Blockchain Company

Project Overview

A prominent blockchain company that ranks in the top 100 on Coinmarketcap and operates its own token and ecosystem for developers contacted Dan Zaitsev with concerns and issues regarding their marketing department.

After conducting an audit, we identified gaps in the structure of the marketing department, a lack of proper workflows, and insufficient human resources. Additionally, we found that some marketing channels were not activated, and the company relied heavily on third-party marketing agencies.


Our first step was to review the existing structure of the marketing department and identify the gaps. We developed a plan for the human resources and specialists that the company needed to address these gaps.

Next, we reviewed the company's roadmap and defined the direction of the marketing strategies. Based on the collected information and our vision, we proposed activating the Omnimarketing strategy to achieve maximum exposure. We presented the customer with a clear plan that included all necessary components for the short term.

Even though the company had a marketing department, we made it a top priority to allocate missing marketing specialists. We involved specialists such as social media managers, community team leads, content managers, and others.

Using the matrix management methodology and integrating appropriate software, we improved the structure and workflows of the marketing department. We also defined KPIs and OKRs for each employee and marketing channel.

Since the main goal was to integrate an Omnichannel strategy to reach new goals, we reviewed all marketing channels. We fixed and improved the brand identity, SMM, community management, engagement of users and followers, and organic growth. We also started activating new marketing channels.

Analytics and an appropriate reporting system were essential parts of this case. Therefore, we integrated all necessary software and metrics and provided weekly and monthly reports for the marketing department.


After six months of work and all modifications that we provided, the company and team achieved the following results:

  • Tested and activated five new marketing channels
  • Increased the average engagement of followers by 35%
  • Raised the organic growth of social media networks by 9.5%
  • Increased the KPI of the marketing department up to 24%
  • Optimized the cost per follower by half
  • Integrated an omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Fully rebranded social media networks
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, ForkLog, Dappradar, Forbes, and other media outlets