Join Our Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate partner of Dan Zaitsev & Co. and start earning regular rewards from the services we offer.

About the Program

Our partners are able to earn rewards in USD using the affiliate program integrated and automated by Dan Zaitsev & Co. They can be rewarded and get payouts for referring customers that are able to order services listed on the website.

Please keep in mind that affiliate marketing programs reward you for actual leads that make payments on our website. You have to promote and use your referral (personal) link to drive traffic and leads to the website; otherwise, we would not be able to track it.

We automated our affiliate/referral program via Everybody can join it by simply visiting the website.

Powered by Rewardful


How can I join an affiliate/referral program?

You have to visit the website where our affiliate/referral program is powered. Please navigate to and create your account by filling out the form with your information, such as first and last name, working email address, and password.

How much can I earn by joining your program?

You are able to earn up to 5% from each service listed on our website. Let's review a real example. For example, we have a service that costs $10,000 /mo, and when your referral leads order this service through our website, you can get a $500 commission. Moreover, our affiliate/referral program supports recurring rewards in the case of subscription-based services, and you can get monthly bonuses.

What are the criteria for joining the program?

Our affiliate/referral program works for any partner, but ideally, if you have a strong connection and database across different social media accounts, you can use them to promote it. You can also use your direct connection to promote our program during offline meetings and events.

How can I track my leads and profit?

Once you create an account on the Getrewardful website, you can track all metrics using your dashboards. You can log in to your account and discover all your stats. Please keep in mind that Getrewardful has some delays, and it takes up to 5 — 10 minutes to refresh your stats.

How can I withdraw my rewards/profit?

Currently, we support payouts via It means you need to have a working account on Wise. You can configure all payouts via your profile settings by adding your associate email address from

What is an affiliate/referral link, and how does it work?

An affiliate/referral link is your unique identifier that helps to separate your leads and traffic from the general scope of visitors to the website.

How can I promote the program?

Feel free to post your referral/affiliate link across your social media accounts. As well you can personally promote the program during 1x1 meetings, meetups, and events.